Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sharing a Song or Two

It's always been music that has been able to slip deep into my soul and allow God to help heal the broken places. It's always been music that has created a special avenue for God's words and truth to abide in my mind. Have you found that to be at least somewhat true in your own life? Aren't there songs that just seem to bring God's throne a little closer to earth for you?

Well, as I faced the challenges in the last few days, it's been no surprise that music has been a key part in God's touching my heart. I'd like to share both some songs and some words in hope that they may encourage you or spur you on to find your own "theme music".

For those of you know me for a long time, you know my ongoing connection with Isaiah 40:31. This has been an important verse to my life since high school days. Not being a waiter by nature, God continually speaks to me on this subject. There have been many songs that have also spoken to me on the subject. A few months ago this song caught my attention and I began to hang on to it as I continued to wait for what I hoped would be a yes to my desire.

Ironically the song that I have really desired to hear more of took a while to come to my hands. I'd heard John Waller's "While I'm Waiting" and immediately was taken with the message found in the lyrics. Waiting is not about doing nothing. It's about worshipping and obeying as you wait for what God will show you next. I received the CD for Christmas, and it was this CD that I chose to listen to the night we miscarried.

As we know so often God does have not only just what we need, but more than what we need if we wait for him. There are several songs on the "While I'm Waiting" CD that have gripped me. One of them though seems like just the perfect song for this next bend in the road - a bend that requires faith.

So what songs are speaking to you right now? How grateful I am to God for the gift He's given us in music. God is good. Let's keeping walking by faith, shall we?

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