Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 42....

I know I thought this was a 40 day journey. Seems like I have much more to learn about prayer. The purpose of this block of time was to focus in prayer and study Scripture to learn more about prayer. I must confess life has been happening all around me and interupting the process quite a bit. It's not bad stuff. In fact much of it is ministry in one shape or another, but still, it's been hard to go deeper in this area. So, I'm going to continue on. There's more I want to learn.

But these are some of the highlights, so far:

I've captured some wonderful Scripture in my heart. I love Psalm 27:8, "My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” What a wonderful sweet invitation God gives us!

Prayer occurs in so many ways and on so many levels. I do pray! I may not sit alone for hours or have a perfect process, but that's okay. I'm learning. I'm growing. Prayer is about me and God dealing with Him, my life, those I know, and those I don't know. It's about worship, adoration, communication, trust, supplication, and intercession.

Prayer is a mystery. Somehow my talking with God matters! It makes a difference. God's ways are perfect and holy, but somehow he leaves space for me to join Him in things as I pray.

So, I will stop counting down the days, but I will continue to be praying. The next month will continue to be a "little" busy. I'm currently preparing to help with a week long girls camp. Then there's the actual week of camp, followed by a visit with family. I'm looking forward to some regular posts and sharing more deeply from the my heart. But until then....I'll be praying.