Monday, January 17, 2011

How beautiful….

During these past few weeks our local body of Christ has ministered to us in tremendous ways. They have recalled God’s works, pointed to His Word, and continued to walk beside us letting their love and presence be known. We are humbled and grateful.

Before Christmas God prompted me to pick up a study I had on my “one day I’d like to” list. “Attending the Bride of Christ” was a study I needed to get me back on track, to love the body and to lovingly serve her in preparation for our marriage to Christ. I didn’t realize that shortly after finishing the study, God would show me just how crucial being involved in a local church was or how beautiful His plan for the church is.

If you are not connected to a local church, I strongly urge you to pray for God’s guidance and to get connected and be committed. If you are attending a local body but you aren’t really involved, I encourage you to pray also for God’s leading and to investigate ways you can be committed. If you are questioning what difference it makes if you’re involved and feeling like you’re just there to be obedient, I pray that God will speak to you in the days ahead and help you search out the purpose of his church and your role in it.

Please join me in the next few days as I “digest” some of my learning and share with you what I’ve been learning about the church and my part in serving her.

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