Monday, January 24, 2011

1,000 Gifts begats 30 more

If you're familiar with "bloggerland", then I'm sure you've met Ann at A Holy Experience. If you haven't traveled to her site, please do so. You won't regret your journey.

For about a year now this woman's words have gripped and stirred me. A person that I've never met face to face or spoken with on the phone. I quietly read post after post and don't leave any comments, but yet feel that I feel a sisterhood with her through faith and loves of the heart. I'd never joined in her counting of 1,000 gifts, even though I'd heard the call. With the publication of her book the call grew louder, but still I resisted. I didn't that is until this new year, when I received an agenda notebook as a Christmas gift. A daily organizer with places to record my to-do list, my ideas for Little Man's schooling times, our meals for the week, and a space to list the gifts. I dedicated a block for counting the gifts. Even if they were never shared, I'd count.

And so I began when we returned from Christmas travels. The first full week was January 3rd. I began:

1. Good travels on our 9 hour trip

2. An ill husband who made the trip without really getting sick

And then January 4th came- A day that challenged this feeble attempt. With the show of blood and the questions of our baby's future, would I keep counting?

I did:

3. Little Man's sweet caring ways

4. God's truth that doesn't change despite our circumstances

and I counted some more:

5. We weren't away like we'd planned to be when we had to deal with this

6. The support of family and friends

7. Husband being off during this time and his sweet love

8. Our Little Dream slipping away while Little Man slept

9. Songs on a new CD to minister God's presence in a perfect way

10. Time out with a dear friend

I share this to say how great I am or how strong I am. I haven't even read Ann's book yet. It's still traveling the miles to my home and my hands. But I recognize the truth that praising God at all times is an act of obedience to a God who deserves that praise even when we question it, and that by counting the gifts we are changed. I want to encourage you to count your gifts. Mine don't sound like poetry as some people's lists do. Yes, they are simple. This past week they contained the gifts of chocolate pound cake and a friendly snowman in a neighbor's yard. But it's really not the gift we're pursuing is it, it's the Giver of the gifts.

I'm counting and have pursued Him by listing a paltry 30 gifts thus far. Will you pursue the Giver of all good things with me and start your own list?


The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Agreed! I too have read her blog for a little over a year and just this last week decided to count my gifts and blessings too! I also ordered her book and it came today, I am so excited to get started on it :) Thank you for sharing words from my heart. You too are a blessing to me <3 said...

You know, there are some days that the gifts are easy to count; other days, it's like cracking open a stiff book. I'm glad your hubby didn't get sick on your trip.