Friday, January 9, 2015

The blanket of God's grace

Today has been one of those days.  You know the kind.   The kind filled with I shouldn't but I just dids.

I should sit down for my quiet time and really renew my mind.  I shouldn't rush through my devotional time.  But I just did.

I should refocus my attention on what I'm trying to read.  I shouldn't focus on why the furnace keeps running because the wind is blowing on the side of the house that seems to lack in proper insulation.  But I just did.

I should encourage my daughter who's soon ready to be potty trained to sit down on the potty.  I shouldn't give in to the ease of slapping on a diaper because we need to rush up stairs to get brother up and dash off to school.  But I just did.

I should plan what I really need for Lydia's birthday next week.  I shouldn't talk myself out of going to several stores to get a birthday present for Lydia's birthday next week.  But I just did.

I should train Lydia to walk beside the cart in the grocery store if she doesn't want to ride.  I shouldn't act out of frustration or call her name a million times telling her to stay with Mommy.  But I just did.

I should wrap myself in God's grace, knowing that I am loved even if I don't have all the things from my grocery list although I spent more than I budgeted for, don't have a birthday card or much of a gift for my daughter's birthday, and did not act putting long term gain before the short term benefit.

On good days and bad, we all need to be covered in the blanket of God's grace.