Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Ways to Attend the Bride

Martha Lawley, author of Attending the Bride of Christ, suggests there are four primary things we should be about in preparing the church for her marriage to Christ.

1. Worship

2. Instruction

3. Fellowship

4. Evangelism

There’s really nothing earth shattering about these areas. We are to worship God. That can look like a bunch of different things, but at the heart it’s our response to God’s truth. Are you meeting regularly with other Christians, focusing your attention on God’s truth, and responding in your heart and in your day to day life to Him?

We are to be instructed. We’re to commit ourselves to meeting with our church family for instruction- from the pulpit, in the classroom, from each other. Yes, the Bible is our primary text, the Holy Spirit, our primary interpreter, but we need each other to learn. We should be studying throughout the week and meeting regularly to share and encourage. Are you part of a group in your local church that is committed to studying and learning God’s truth?

We are to fellowship in our local body. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re to have pot lucks ever week, but rather we are to share in life and walk together. It doesn’t mean attending formal gatherings, but investing in time with each other. We are to be real. We are to be trustworthy with other’s hearts. We are to share burdens and celebrate over victories and praises. This doesn’t just happen by gathering together once a week. We need to work together, play together, pray together, and walk together. Do people really know you and have fellowship with you? Are you investing in relationships in your church body?

We are to evangelize. Yes, that means everybody in our church body! Some of us are gifted with evangelism, but the command is given by God for all of us to share the Good News. Do you realize the Good News is what it’s all about? God has done something wonderful in your life. Share it! You may not think it’s all that exciting, but to many it’s the balm for their wounded hearts. Testify to what God has done. Give Him the glory. Speak of His works. You will be a light. As a body work to unified. Jesus prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are one. Our relationship with each other in the body speaks tremendously to the world. Are you sharing or saving things up for a later time? Share now! You never know when the groom may return.

It’s my hope that this series on the church has made you think and encouraged you in some way. Until He comes back for us, may we all be about serving the Bride!

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