Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Mommy's Peek into our Father's Heart

I guess in a way I am being blessed. At least, I'm trying to see the good in the situation. Last night and this morning our Little Man has been having difficulty in the area of obedience. And boy have I been praying for wisdom! Although it hasn't been easy, I'm thankful that he is fighting some of these battles now AND that I can appreciate more all that God has done for me.

Around seven this morning we were getting juice to go along with our gingerbread waffles that were in the waffle iron. Little Man did not like the choice of cups I gave him and threw them on the floor. This means that he must pick them up and in the past has been the beginning of a battle. He choose the battle again. It's a hard battle. Maybe it's hard because he's strong willed or a toddler. Maybe it's hard because we as parents aren't doing something right. I don't know. But I do know that Little Man needs to learn to obey what God says to do, and right now God has given his parents the job to train him in obedience. Righting a wrong and following the way he is told to do it is important training. So, we press on.

But as we press on I get a peek into our Father's Heart. Life is SO much happier and simpler when we obey, isn't it? We know that, but seeing a two year old not get to enjoy breakfast, cuddle with his stuffed animals, or watch a NEW episode of a favorite show on television brings the point home to me. I want to bless my son. I want to pour out good things on his life. I want him to enjoy life. But because of his choices, that didn't happen. He missed out. The waffles got cold, the boy fell asleep alone, and the episode on TV played without him.

How much do I miss out on what God so very much wants to bless me with? How much do I miss because I want to hold out to control the situation, or I want to do it my way? I miss out. I know I do. And what I miss out on most is the closeness of my relationship with God. Little Man and I didn't get to play much last night or this morning because we were dealing with disobedience. We didn't get to laugh and imagine and learn together. The spark was gone. Even more than the other blessings, the relationship is the most important thing.

How wonderful God is to wait for us to return to Him. To give us opportunity after opportunity to turn around and obey. And then the joy that is felt when the relationship is restored. Last night when Little Man did what was required and then came running to me, what joy was in my heart to have him back, doing what was good, and showing his love by obedience. This has to be a shadow of what God feels. How I want to fill his heart when he sees me turn and obey! Don't you?

Aren't you glad our Father loves us so? I am. And I love my Little Man so, and pray that when we awakes, he will choose to turn and obey. And if he doesn't, like My Father, I will wait for Him and love Him while I wait.