Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year Beginnings

Don't you love the new year? I do. As a girl I always loved getting a new notebook. I'd vow that every single page would be used perfectly and have perfect handwriting. There would be no mistakes in this notebook. How quickly that would change.

A new year gives me that new notebook feel. I know we're fifteen days into the new year, but I still have that feeling. I'm so glad, too. See, the past few months have been a little dry in the area of my relationship with God. He and I have been talking and spending time together, but it just hasn't felt close. I can't say what the reason for the dryness really was, but He's been gracious and given me a sweet time of fellowship with Him recently. As my family settled back to life without the holidays, He and I have had some wonderful times together.

I've been wondering a lot what this year's notebook will hold? What will He teach me? What will I do? How will I face the challenges that are around me as this year progresses? How does He want me to adjust to Him? It's exciting.... and I'm turning all those questions over to Him. I want Him to write on the notebook of my life. I want Him to fill the pages. That's my heart's desire this be filled with Him for all to read. Have you talked to him about your notebook? What does He want to share with you? Before another day adds to the year, take some time to talk with Him about this and see what He says.

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