Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 3- Hannah's Prayer

If you are stopping by for the first time, let me welcome you on my adventure with God and 40 Days of Prayer. I've dedicated this time to pray (asking God to help me understand more about prayer and to lift up my local church body) and to study prayer in His Word.

It has been good to focus these past 3 days. I rejoice in the time. And there has been plenty to talk to God about and listen for! I am grateful for this season of prayer as well as the budding summer season outdoors. I've learned that it's much easier for me to still myself when I'm feeling the breeze and watching the trees dance. Why is it so much easier for me to talk to God when I'm outside and looking at this creation? Do you find there's a "prayer" place that works best for you?

Besides learning about things that help me to focus, I'm starting to explore God's Word for what He says on the matter. Of course, a study on prayer has to include looking at Hannah and her prayer found in 1 Samuel 1.


Prayer can be emotional. Hannah was pouring her heart out to God. I love that description. In this case the pouring out wasn't a dribble and drop, it was a flood. God can handle my emotions. Prayer won't always be emotional, but when it is, I don't have to be afraid or ashamed.

Prayer and faith go hand in hand. Eli told Hannah to go in peace and gave her the blessing of "May the GOd of Israel grant you the request you have asked of him." It wasn't exactly a promise, but Hannah reached out in faith and walked in a changed way. After thanking Eli, she returned to her husband, ate, and was no longer sad. When I pray, do I leave it with God and walk in faith...not by my feelings or by the rules of the situations, but do I go with confidence that God hears my prayer and is sustaining me?

God bless you on your journey.

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