Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When it's all been said and done

Lord, you have so richly blessed me. My cup is overflowing. I am so unworthy. From the magnitude of what you've done to me, to the daily provisions and care for my needs, it overwhelms me. Thank you especially for the sweetness of loved ones in my life. Thank you for my dear husband, who 9 years ago today took a risk and asked me to be his wife. Thank you for his patience, for his love, for his commitment.

Thank you for Little Man, who daily brings joy and new lessons. How wonderful to have special Happy Birthday kisses today and feel his little arms wrapped around my neck. What a joy to see him smile and thrive under the loving attention of so many dear ones in our life!

Thank you for family, for those that are miles away, but close in heart. Thank you for their words and for the times that we have to savor our company with each other. Thank you for the example they give of lives well lived.

Thank you for friends who are family living here with us. Thank you for their open hearts and acceptance. Thank you for the layers of our friendship, for work, for study, and for play, which all seem to keep us bound close together.

Thank you for a church body to worship with and serve with. Thank you for them being real and letting me be real, too.

Thank you for a day filled with simple things...good things. Thank you, dearest Lord for the contentment of this season. And may my heart sing your praises when I'm feeling sunshine like today or when I'm feeling the biting rain of a storm tomorrow. May my life testify to your goodness!

Heard this song today and thought it expressed my birthday wish perfectly!

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Tricia said...

I pray you had a wonderful birthday! And I pray the Lord blesses you with many, many more wonderful years and with His abiding presence all the days of your life...