Friday, May 1, 2009

To everything there is a season...

A time to blog and a time not to blog.

I guess that's not really how Scripture reads, but it's still in the spirit of truth. Seasons have definitely changed in our household this week, hence the lack of time on the computer. There are so many wonderful things to do in a world that is waking up to spring!

Actually, I'm feeling a big stretch in my life. I'm trying to get the "normal" household things done, plus add in some spring cleaning. (Just what I love to do in my spare time!) Of course all of that is punctuated with interruptions from Little Man who thinks he can be my best helper or wants me to play outside with him. Then there's the book things, like trying to keep up with Bible Study, prepare for Wednesday night activities with the kids, and prepare for Sunday School. It's all good and exciting, but most of it requires time when Little Man isn't around, so that's saved for precious nap/sleep moments. Then there's planning for VBS decorations which had to hit a priority this week since we're having a work session on Sunday. AND like I alluded to in the opening of this post, there's also the wonderful thoughts of what to do in the flowerbeds and garden and the casting glances at the quickly growing lawn and wondering when I need to start mowing. Oh...and did I mention spending any time with Dear Husband? Yes, that's the problem, too. It always seems to go to the bottom of the list, which isn't where it should be at all!

So, after praying and pondering, I know that things need to fall into place and have to give. That means that although I'd love to grow this blog and develop it more, that's not what will happen at this season. That's okay. The purpose of the blog is for God to use it, but the temptation of the blog is to make it all about me and to satisfy my desire for attention. Maybe this "busy"ness is divine intervention---a way to keep me from getting priorities out of whack and raising up idols that have no business to be.

I share all this to simply say that my posting may not increase in amount or quality, but that I'll still be seeking to follow after Him and will be sharing as I can along the way. I pray that you will be doing the same!

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The Davidson Den said...

What a wise woman (after God's own heart) you are. Good for you.