Friday, May 8, 2009

She Taught Me That

As I've walked another year down the path of motherhood, I 've realized so much more the valuable lessons that my Mom modeled for me.

I get up before Little Man and begin to order the day. She taught me that.

I make time to read God's Word and talk to my Father before much else happens in the day. She taught me that.

I make breakfast for Dear Husband and Little Man and serve them with a heart of love. She taught me that.

If Dear Husband is going to work in the morning, Little Man and I send him off with hugs and kisses and go to the window to wave him a sendoff. I whisper a prayer for his day. She taught me that.

I work on a daily task to manage the home, whether it be doing a load of wash on a certain day of the week, dusting on Wednesdays, or quickly mopping the floor during a seemingly "free" moment. She taught me that.

I take time to talk and play with Little Man and value the time we have together, because we're not always sure what tomorrow may hold. She taught me that.

I make lunch and serve it and try my best to keep what we eat interesting and use our money in a responsible way. She taught me that.

I take a break in the afternoon (on most days) while Little Man is sleeping, because although my job is to serve my family, I won't be very good at it over a long time if I don't take time to renew myself. She taught me that.

I putter around at tasks like gardening and working in flower beds, or doing other projects during the winter months when I can't be outside, because these things can be a blessing in many ways. It may produce food for the table, an atmosphere of well-being, or a gift that encourages and shares love. She taught me that.

I bake special things for family, friends, and needs because there's nothing like home-cooked food. She taught me that.

I serve my church family in ways that I sense God is leading. Whether it be cleaning the church, teaching children, or walking alongside other women in the church, I try to be faithful. She taught me that.

I wrap up a day with bath time, snack time, and bed time books, songs, and prayers. I put my Little Man to bed with love and prayer. She taught me that.

I clean up the house before going to bed. I do what I may not want to most do, but should do. She taught me that.

My Mom taught me this and much more. She taught by example. There are things in her example that I am not good at yet and want to learn. I want to learn more how to respect and support Dear Husband and the challenges he faces and dreams he has. I want to have more of an attitude of gentleness and quietness and contentment. I want to give with a selfless love. I want to control my emotions. I want to pray faithfully. I want to see what I have as it truly is, God's, and give liberally. I want to mother my children so that they can stand firm in the Lord. I want to walk in obedience and trust that God will use me if I'm following Him.

How thankful I am for my Mom and how much I miss her. My mom passed away almost 5 years ago. For some reason this Mother's Day the loss seems fresher and the sorrow stronger. I know very well that she is in glory, but that doesn't stop wanting to have her share in my experiences here. I'm grateful for all that God gave us while we were together. It's just that I want more.

So, hug your Mom today. Tell her now how much she means to you. And if you are a Mom keep striving to be a woman after God's own heart. (Remember there are many who have never experienced physical labor and yet are working on true labors of love in their spiritual daughters!) I know that I'm counting on God to make me the Mom my Little Man needs.

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Tricia said...

I think this is the best mother's day post I have read... what a wonderful tribute to your mother! What a blessing you have to have had a Godly mother as your example... I am so sorry for your loss and for your heartache this Mother's Day... may God comfort you and give you His peace...