Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hold Me Fast

I must confess a fear of mine in all of this.  There are several fears, but this is the one I am choosing to share with you today.   I fear I will fail Him.  How might I fail Him you ask?  I fear that I will squander the opportunity to know Him and to make Him known to others in this time.  Questions heave in my heart like:  What makes you think you will really reach out to others and share Jesus' love with them?  This hasn't been your strong suite in the past, so what would change now?  You are okay at talking with believers and encouraging them to follow Jesus, but really, you think you are going to listen to people's stories and share the Good News of Jesus with them?  You really think you are going to know Him more through this and it's just going to shine everywhere and open up doors for Him to be made known?  Really?

But when the waves of these questions pound on my heart, I am reminded of HIS.   His is the reminder that it is His effort and His work- not mine.  I am reminded that He is the one who does the work, I simply respond to Him.  He is the one who loves me and fills me with love for Him and others.  He is the one who plants seeds, provides water, gives words, and opens doors.  He holds all of this and He holds me.  I can rest as His.

As I have been working with a friend to learn how to tell Ephesians as a story, (only on chapter 2, so not that impressive folks) I frequently rehearse these truths.  In the beginning of chapter 2 Paul reminds the believers of who they once were.  Like everyone else they followed Satan and by their very nature were under God's wrath.  Paul then writes glorious words, BUT God is so rich in mercy and He loved us so much that while we were still dead in our sins He gave us new life when He raised Christ from the dead.  We are saved by His grace.  He raised us to life with Christ and then because we are united with Christ, He seated us in the heavenly realms along with Him.  How incredible is all that?  This is the message I so want to share.  Our bodies are all dying.  Some have clearer evidences of that than others.  But God has already offered us new life.  I want to extend His invitation to receive that new life.  The cool thing in this passage is that God did all this not really because we are so great, but so that He can point throughout eternity to His incredible kindness that is shown so clearly in all that He has done for us.  It's really for HIS glory.  Paul then goes on to remind us that this awesome life is not a result of our work.  It's a gift.  So we can't take credit for it.  We don't get this incredible life because of good things we did.  We can't boast about it.  Instead He reminds us that God did the work- we are His workmanship.  His Masterpiece. We are created to do the good works that He planned for us long ago.

So, that brings me an incredible thought:  God created me for this time and place and bend in the journey.  I am HIS.  Cancer may not really be a problem.  It may not be fun, but it just may be part of the environment needed for me to be used as His to bring Him glory.  And what if I really rest as His and let Him do all the work of the sharing His invitation; just as He has done all the work when it comes to saving me-  even taking care of the parts that I fear I will fail at?

I leave you with this song.  There are so many songs accumulating on my play list these days.  I hope you will be reminded that you are HIS (for the Savior loves you so) and He holds you securely fast.   

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