Saturday, April 9, 2011


Always amazes me when God wishes to communicate something to me. It often seems wrapped in mystery, something I could easily overlook if I didn't pause to be still. And yet something so clearly marked with His fingerprints.

Often He speaks through His Word. Like I pointed to the other day, sometimes He takes a verse so dear and sheds new light on it. But sometimes He speaks through others. As I've been wreslting these past few months, this song has crossed my path.

God's blessings and graces are many...sometimes we just can't see them at first. May you see the blessings, my friend.


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Hi. I am sharing blogs I run across with other women of faith. I read through some of your posts today and am wondering if I can have your permission to use a post in a grass roots magazine that is published by several of the women in my life. The magazine is called Sister Triangle and the mission of the publication is to 'encourage one another in love'. It would mean you could pick what we would print if you would like or I could choose one that suits the theme of the issue. We have a retreat each year in February at which I would also 'advertise' your blog as a good one to go to, for encouragement. If this is not something you are interested in please ignore this message. But if you would like to share your posts with a broader audience please contact me at