Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll be happy when...

Ever said that. Yup, me too. Often.

I'll be happy when we have vacation.

I'll be happy when we get back into a routine.

I'll be happy when the the snow melts.

I'll be happy when mud season is over.

I'll be happy when it's cooler.

I'll be happy when we have a child.

I'll be happy when it's quieter.

I'll be happy when we have another child.

Today in my browsings of blogs, I was reminded of the troubles that come when thinking this way. My happiness is so often focused on my surroundings and circumstances. My emotions are directly related to what is happening, and my sense of well being is directly correlated to how much things are going according to my plans. But this is not what God says He wants for us. He wants to give us joy that is based on Him not on our circumstances. He wants us to look beyond the messes in life to see the potential of all things to speak of His grace and glory.

I don't have to wait to be happy. I can choose right now to be joyful. This happens when I take my eyes off of my, my expectations, my schedule, my ways, and turn to look at Him. I can look to His truth. The truth that He is good. He is love. He is steadfast. I can look at the situations and circumstances and see through them to the opportunity to what He can do in them.

I want this deep abiding joy, don't you? So instead of I'll be happy when, I'll choose to count the blessings I see. And I'll turn over that I'll be happy when and ask Him to carry the situation in His hands and give me joy now.

I'll be happy now for...

113. Being warm and dry on a wet slushy day

114. Time to read

115. Crystal branches in sunlight

116. Fresh air and blue sky

117. God's forbearance

118. Cute three year old train conductors punching tickets for stuffed animal passengers

119. Whisper of falling snowflakes

120. Familiar Bible verses and speak like old friends

121. Little Man in high water pants

122. Provisions in the form of cardboard

123. Maple syrup pancakes

124. Breakfast together as a family with sausage and biscuits too boot!

125. Love for Christ's bride

126. Bed time----ahh sweet bed time!

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