Thursday, March 16, 2017

Checking In

I am longing to spend some time writing in this little corner of the world.  So many thoughts I want to share and work out as I write.  But I wanted to check in to assure you that I am well.  God is good and life is full!  This week brought another big snow storm.  Oh, the lessons in snowflakes!  So free time has been sparse.  There are posts brewing, so when I get a chance I'll spend some time putting them into words to share.  Again, thank you for the encouragement so many of you have shared, particularly in encouraging me to write here.  I truly believe that God is working and using this bend in the road for things far beyond my imagination!  I leave you with a thought that a friend shared with me.

And because of another friend's experience, I add, "So bloom where you are planted!"

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