Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Winter Crud and Spring Cleaning

For those of you who live in the north, you know what March means. Here in Maine we're usually still experiencing snow cover, but it's tired and dreary, the bland white of a pair of sneakers that's seen many miles. This year the snow is losing the fight early, but the crud of winter is still here. The lawn is brown and blah, the trees are bare and dreary, and everywhere there is the remnant of grit. It really gets to me.

Seems like my spiritual life can have the same feel, if I allow it. I can feel blah and bleak. I can feel crummy and dirty. I've been challenged to allow God to do some Spring Cleaning in my soul. I want Him to open up the windows and doors of my heart and let His fresh Spirit stir me anew. I want Him to wash away the layers of crud that build up by being insensitive and selfish. I desire Him to sweep up the debris from brokenness and hardness.

He's doing that. As I spend time in His Word, pray, and rub shoulders with God's people He's at work. There's hope in this spring cleaning and newness of life. I hope you will allow Him to do some seasonal work on your soul as well.

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Siesta OC said...

Well said! This Easter season is one of renewal! I pray that for you! And I pray some of your trees start budding soon!